New added parts on website

If original part numbers or brand names are mentioned on the website and/or webshop, these are for reference only and need not be original as such. The parts listed on the website and/or webshop serve to replace your current parts.

Bmm 580240

Maaimesje Busatis breed / getand / nok.

Bmm 580239

Cutting blade Busatis / serrated /smooth


Mounting key crown nut / mechanical seal

BP 49062

Fitting key 22 x14 x / shaft

VP 186-130 L4 NBR

Rotary lobe NBR HiFlo L4 / NEW

VP 186-130 R4 NBR

Rotary lobe NBR HiFlo R4 NEW

BP 4113 L

Lobe tip left NBR-S / NEW

BP 4113 R

Lobe tip right NBR-S / NEW

Bmm 3220

Cutting blade Busatis / serrated /smooth

Bmm 3221

Cutting blade Busatis / serrated / cam.